As observers of mankind we grow concerned about the life our descendants will inherit, the values they will hold dear and their expectations. The main purpose of “Bank of Memories” is to make Data inheritance available in order to built uprelationships in the family tree and share the next generation the life we led, teach the wisdom, we managed to gain.

Though one person’s experience can’t be a relevant study to base the whole research, your own story or the story of your relatives or friends can give the descendants ideas about the things in family life that need improvement and the way to cope with the difficulties. 

During your life, take the time to tell stories your children and grandchildren. By using our app you are able to make a video of yourself telling interesting and valuable information. 

Connecting your descendants to the life and the stories of their ancestors can provide them with greater proudness, inspiration, resiliency and confidence to face and overcome life’s challenges.

The great example is the following —  Andrea experienced a long tough way of being a military man.  During his  career, he deployed to Afghanistan and mobilized in support of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games . Andrea holds a Master’s Degree in Finances from Viadrina University and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.”

Download “Bank of Memories” app – unite your family from the smallest to the oldest person. . Enjoy time spent together, appreciate them!