The role of advertisement in today’s world is increasing widely, mostly no application is available without promotion of any product. The society is being absorbed by large quantity of advertisement and nobody can’t help avoiding it.

Most social media and websites use cookies files and consider customers to be goods. The main purpose for them is to use stored information in order to use it for targeting and earning money. Recall how many times you have faced useless advertisement, while browsing or just chatting.  The sellers tend to influence and persuade consumers to test particular good.

Advertising gives a negative impact on society. By creating unrealistic expectations for the products. Everything advertised is generally not the same when dealt in real. This disappoints the consumer and the relationships get harmed. 

“Bank of Memories” provides completely different approach, we do not use your personal files, do not run advertisement and abstain from earning by targeting. After downloading our app you will enjoy pleasure of online communication with family, safely storage of data, without being disturbed by numerous advertisements.

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