Arguments in family is a normal part of life. We all encounter difficulties in a variety of  situations, forms and amounts. A family crisis is naturally stressful. It demands some changes in the family, and these could be extremely tough.  

We eliminated several reasons for families experiencing crisis. Firstly, the key point is a lack of conversation and closeness among members. When all the members are being yield by constant pressure of daily routine,  they have no desire to spend time with relatives. But no one should forget that activities done together is the base for development of lovely and closed relationships. Another reasons for family crisis can be seen in such phenomenon as a generation gap. People of different ages are thought to be extremely different, having enormous chasm, separating believes and behaviours.  When all it fixes in one family, avoiding conflict is mostly impossible. But we find the way how to deal with it.

Firstly, we recommend to record positive moments, experienced together and save them in the digital storage of “Bank of Memories”. This will give you the feeling of being united and closed to each other. Moreover give every family member the opportunity to talk out feelings, organize meetings. Praise the good in each other to boost self-esteem, while encouraging each other to stay optimistic and make new goals.

Download “Bank of Memories” app – unite your family from the smallest to the oldest person. Enjoy time spent together, appreciate them!