And so we finished training. 3 months of preparation of 15 students. Equipment for more than $ 150,000k, 15 students and 6 teachers 4 days intensive and 3 months mentoring support. Now we have a full-fledged digitization laboratory, which can сreate any digital content, even a full-fledged announced video and transfer any object into digital reality. In fact, they are laboratories for filling the meta universe. We, the Bank of Memories project team, are very proud that we are the practitioners in this industry, sharing our experience and knowledge as teachers and mentors. As part of a USAID grant, together with Digist and Era, we were able to create a wonderful place where every museum, gallery, or any artist can be supported in moving their works into the digital universe. Providing decentralized Global Bank of Memories file storage with AR support gives lab teachers and students access to the NFT’s market.