Bank of Memories – is a first family space. We provide the users with digital storage of  data (photos, texts, messages, videos, family secrets and even cryptocurrency). Bank of Memories community holds dear moral values, sets the first aim to save families and put it at the first plays. Interpersonal relationships between children and parents are thought to be underestimated, today we are going to show you, which impact family has on child`s developing and its personality.

 We are convinced that the family plays a critical role in determining children’s place in society and the achievements they accomplish. Basing on scientific studies by Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine,  family environment influences three personality traits such as: extraversion, maturity, and intellect. Extraversion was negatively correlated with overprotection in child rearing. Maturity is usually associated with high socioeconomic status and paternal participation in child`s growing up. Intellect correlates positively with high socioeconomic status and with maternal participation in child rearing.

 It’s obvious that a family has very powerful effects on the developing child, impacting attitudes, beliefs, opportunities, habits, and personality traits. That is why, we encourage you  devote time to your children, encourage them in participating of creating family histories. Families, which treat each other with respect and love provide a positive example of social interaction for very young children. Relatives who spend a large quantity of time together  by enjoying activities and sharing meals at the dinner table, also promote high level of socialization development in young children by fostering group bonding, communication and sharing.

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