Family life stories


“Bank of  Memories” is a unique software, helping people navigate family history and unite all the relatives, providing first social media for all generation. As we examined,  explorin

g life-stories

of your descendants gives you the sense of being the part of long history and feel  proudness for all the things, your relatives used to experience.


In this post, I am willing to share with the audience exciting stories of my great-grandma life. Once, she told me about the period of World War 2. She was a small girl then, however, she remembers all the events in details. “One night I was woken up by scream of my mum, caused by bomb fallen in our village. Everything was in fire and I could not even understand if it was a dream. My father  broke in the room, making me and my siblings pack the most important things and run in the forest. I could not fell my legs, but I was forced to run, having no choice, as it was the matter of life or death. I remember German military, their terrible weapon, scream of inhabitants of the village and smell of blood and something burnt in the air. I can’t even now describe how awful it was. Fortunately, place, I lived in,  were situated near the forest and finally we got to the middle of it, surrounded by deep silence and cold, disgusting rain. My father told that we had no choice except live among the trees for the period of time, so he started to dig and in one day we had the new place to sleep – dugout. Then I felt myself mole, being forced by fear to live in wet land. We spent 2 month there, we were lucky, we were not kept into concentration camp, we survived. When our family returned to village, no life-soul was left, our house was burnt. But we remained happy and satisfied, because we all were alive, healthy and united.”


Having learned this story, I fell especially proud of my grandma to be able to overcome such awful experience and remain strong-willed. We encourage you to share your family stories with us. Join the community.