How to open your own digital bank with Bank of Memories

The first ones receive the most pleasant bonuses, and it is true, so in everything!

As you may know, many new IT services reach customers. However, before the project goes live, it must pass a user experience test, bugs fixing etc. (a bug is a jargon in programming, usually denoting a program error).

This short article was born after the interview I gave to one online media. The interviewer asked me how our testers can become our partners and I will tell you how.  

We offer our early adopters to become testers and earn bonus tokens. In the future, every early adopter could easily have their own Bank of Memories and store data in the decentralized storage.

Everyone will be able to grow to the level of a private bank and the volume of this bank and the amount of earnings will be limited only by the imagination of a partner.

Here is the way how to improve a financial situation in three years.

  1. 3 days to study the project
  2. 2 months to participate in the test, find bugs. It is like a franchise where you invest only 200 GBM tokens in mining and create you own private data storage bank. After this tiny investment you will start work. As any bank, the owner has expenses for electricity and the Internet costs, and earnings for the data stored.
  3. During 3 months test of a decentralized storage system our partners can earn 300 GBM.
  4. Net profit from the placement of 8 TB (terabyte) storage will amount to 4214 GBM per year.

I don’t want to predict the price of GBM itself. I can say only this: 50% of all tokens will be distributed to users in amounts not exceeding 0.1 to 5 GBM to create a stable number of users in the first 3 years. This will be approximately 14 million users.

The client receives compensation for every action as in the game where you are the main character, the game is lifelong. The more you play and actively participate, the greater the bonuses will be.

The question immediately arises, where will the service take such a number of users?

Why is a startup confident in the growth of coin liquidity?

What other functions does GBM perform in the service infrastructure?

The scarcity and price of a coin proportionally depends on the popularity and relevance of the coin, as well as the functionality of the coin.

GBM coin is a means of payment in the storage system, it regulates the sending of messages to the future. It is also responsible for increasing storage, and also saves on storage and acts as a reward for actions.

 By using GBM, the Bank of Memories project will ensure data integrity. Payment is frozen on a smart contract and allows you to ensure stable payment for storage services. The more data we store the less free coins will be in circulation.Keepers receive coins when they fulfil necessary conditions of the Bank of Memories. 

Today you are saving data for 1 year, tomorrow you would like to save data 10 – 20 – 30 years ahead. 

All participants in the process benefit from this interaction algorithm.

The client receives a protected, private and constantly updated service with a set of unique functions. Functions of our service are described here.

Keepers (private data banks) receive a constant influx of data, payment for the service provided, and a steadily growing shortage of GBM coins.

Developers get the opportunity to create their products based on GBM using all the developments of the project, incentives in the form of grants, and the ability to generate their tokens based on the system for free.

Thanks to this, the Bank of Memories is growing and developing, increasing its presence in the market for storing and transferring private data.

It is important to note that the Bank of Memories itself will be a keeper too, along with everyone else, will earn GBM coins.  This guarantees security to customers, and to the participants an increase in the popularity. 

Monetize the opportunity – well-being is desire multiplied by diligence!

It is very easy to become a tester – just join our international community here