Let’s get acquainted. My name is Andrey Melanchik. I am a founder of the Bank of Memories. For the last 5 years I have been creating a service, which purpose is intelligent data storage and administration of personal data. In this article I will try to answer the third question received from all investors. The market, the buyer, the seller are all the words that really mean the process of buying and selling, and at the top of all this process are emotions, or if I’m wrong, well, then throw stones at me. Let’s agree that emotions in this article mean a state, and varieties of it are on second place . But don’t forget that negative emotions are always stronger and longer.
How can you work with emotions? They can be caused, strengthened or renewed. Renewed only when a person has experienced emotions personally.
Who is our ally in this process, who is stronger than us, who can break through the armor of rationality, who is likely to affect the emotional strings of the human soul? Correctly! Related and close, beloved people! When a man loves, he is opened and closest! We are unarmed in front of love! And then the question is how does all this concern to the questions” What is your market? Who is your customer? And why exactly are they?” . Everything genious is simple. Our market consists of emotionally excited people.
Our customers are couples in love at the stage of pregnancy, who have just given a birth, raising children from 1 to 7 years. Relatives of the deseased, seriously ill, elderly people and tourists. In a word, people who are in deep emotional excitement.
And why did we decide so? Everything is very simple. I’ll try to explain it. Let’s put in order the numbers of dry statistics, analysis and conclusions.
From big to small. Smartphone users in the world for 2019 is 3.6 billion users we take as a basis people, who use social networks and this is an advanced user. In fact, there are 3.6 billion typewriters of content in the world. In fact, these are people who, with a certain degree of probability, are able to use the service with a gadget. Considering them as a market is stupid and reckless, but how to decrease the focus so that the probability of getting into the right audience and its quantity is confirmed by actual indicators, even at the hypothesis stage?

Our client is an emotionally excited person, but how to determine who he is and what excites him/her? And where is he/she?
When selecting countries, the following indicators were taken into account: plateau ability, solid family oriented society, social activity on different continents.
Here they are: England, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, UAE, Qatar and Switzerland What indicators clearly fit the conditions we need and are the main stimulators of emotions, making a person as open as possible, so that he can use our service?

The birth of a new person, death, terminally ill (Crayfish, Alzheimer, and others) resources such as the World Health Organization & OECD will help us with this. Tourism. When a person travels, he/she is impressed. Tourists as much as possible want to feel all emotions and extend the received pleasure. For receiving this data, we thank the UNWTO World Tourism Organization and their excellent work International Tourism Highlights 2019 Edition.

Rational thinking is disabled as a result of emotional arousal.
How many of approx. 0,5 billion people in 15 countries use smartphones? How many will be able to download an APP and become interested in our service. What to take as a basis?
We went to the streets and started a survey in different countries like China, Ukraine, Russia, the EU countries, the USA. You can watch it on our YouTube channel here. As a result, we have asked more than 1000 respondents in different countries and received the following answer. Link to all studies