Two words about how we came to the idea of ​​creating the Global Bank of Memories in general and Bank of Memories in particular. The idea emerged from the realization of the fact that every person during his life accumulates deep emotional, as well as valuable information, financial, medical, scientific …

The need for its preservation, analysis, transmission to descendants and pushed us to a decisive step.

Memory which of the definitions for this word is the most accurate, important for you?

What moved us?

 We decided specifically for ourselves the question of storing memories for our loved ones, colorful moments, important notes about our relatives and ourselves. Preservation and transfer of colorful memories in the future. Possibilities not only to store and transfer, accumulate, analyze past experience. We created a convenient form of family archive. So that in the future it will allow you to relive these wonderful moments again, plunging into an emotional state. Build forecasts, plans based on the experience already gained. After all, over the years it has become increasingly difficult.

The memory is given to living beings so that they can improve and become better based on the experience and knowledge of previous generations.

The question we were looking for an answer from the moment of the first presentation of the concept of the Bank of Memories mobile app “How many videos do you have with your mother? Where are they stored? How to pass them by inheritance? and much more …. All this already then showed us the way to create our own system of information storage, protected, accessible, convenient and independent.

Moore’s law says that every year the power of calculations doubles, doubles the possibilities of falsifiers and thieves (“Moore’s criminals” [1]), not to mention spammers, hijackers, phishers, spies, zombie farmers, hackers, cyber-bullying, extortionists (taking data hostage and using special software requires a ransom) and so on and so forth.

We are pleased to present to you a holistically formed concept of the project of the Decentralized Information Storage System Global Bank of Memories and a product designed on the basis of this system of the decentralized mobile application Bank of Memories.

Global Bank of Memories – An ecosystem whose members are the keepers, users and developers of DApp. decentralized data warehouse oriented to work with DApp open API and the ability to create your own token, which does not require commission.

Bank of Memories is a mobile service designed on the basis of Global Bank of Memories with a set of unique features and capabilities, personal storage, messages to the future, a generic tree, an electronic testament, a digital monument, a generic voice.