Conference will be held in Kiev on September 18, 2020. Bank of Memories is a media partner of the conference.

Every year the BlockchainUA brings together more than 1000 blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, block enthusiasts, IT experts and media representatives from around the world to discuss solutions to current challenges in the field of blockchains and decentralized technologies.

Personally we can say that at the conferences organized by BlockchainUA we managed to meet and get consultations from the leading specialists in the field of Blockchain technologies, such as

Gordon Einstein, Counsel, Distributed Lab
Pavel Kravchenko, Co-founder of Distributed Lab
Mikhailo Chobanyan, Founder of Kuna
Roman Oleynikov, Input Output HK, Director, Veritas Project

Information and advice of these specialists helped us to build the legal architecture of the project, to determine the role of the blockchain in the project, the right time of listing on the stock exchange and the nuances of this process.


We invite all interested people to join the event and get a quality network.

Link to the event

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