Hello everyone! The author of Bank of Memories is in touch, and I am pleased to share with you the new information about our service.

Some people love to celebrate their birthdays, to receive gifts, to wind and sum up, but someone just does not celebrate. For instance, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Everyone has his/her own rituals. Today we’ve launched Explorer for the GBM coin and I have wondered: when was it born? To get to know this, I rewound the story back. This is why everyone loves blockchain – everything can be verified, but nothing can be faked. As it turned out, the birth of GBM occurred on 2020-11-18, at 21:52, and it was the first transaction, too; and during the three-month test period, there had been 7283 transaction (as of 20:33 on 10/02/2021). Now, each of you can observe the growth of our project in real time: every transaction and event related to the creation and upload of content is recorded in it.

What is the point for Bank of Memories users?

  • First, it clearly shows that we are not a token, but a full-bodied coin built on the basis of one of the fastest and most reliable blockchains, namely the Lumen Stellar blockchain. We made the Fork for it – we took the best and added our own. Beware of pseudo-coins or pseudo-tokens that fail to demonstrate the benefits of GBM.
  • Second, now everyone wishing to invest in our start-up can easily see the speed of development and dynamics of user growth: the number of tokens the team has and their movement according to the roadmap. This transparency adds confidence to the words, statements and pitches the team delivers. If you decided to make money on data storage or you like to play on cryptocurrency exchanges, or, maybe, you just buy lucrative crypto assets, I am sure that you are able to assess how true the stated dynamics is.

The third and most important member of our community is a client, a person who is going to use our service for its intended purpose, i.e. to store and accumulate digital assets. Owing to such a tool as an explorer, you can see in real time, how your first crypto assets for registration are transferred to your balance at lightning speed (TPS speed is 1,000-10,000 or more transactions per second). The first 10,000 users will receive 5 GBM each. Now everyone can confidently store his/her data in our encrypted storage, since all we know about you is only the wallet number; moreover, this information can be found out only, when someone watches the explorer at the time of creating your account, or hacks your account. Although, it is incredibly difficult, and intruders will definitely need to physically torture you.

The next thing the explorer allows is to track the operation of the digital will, in case the disputes between the parties arise concerning the ownership of the data in Bank of Memories. The speechless arbiter is the GBM blockchain and its explorer. Oh, it will be a separate article on the digital will, but now I just want to say that we have taken the next step towards you, our users.

I’m very pleased to share our little pleasances and joys with you. One more step towards the dream!