A very interesting and important event took place yesterday morning – there was a roundtable hosted by Residence of StatrUps, where Ukrainian News Studio gave us the opportunity to speak and give a definition of a startup, what challenges startups in Ukraine face, what are the realities of work and how to grow both sides in order to build better bridges and more productive engagement with governmental institutions.

I would like to mention in particular the following persons: @ Vitaliy Chernyak – Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, for his openness and luminosity of the mind, and for his support of the initiative to create start-up incubators and creative spaces within universities, @ Sergiy Dovgopoly (Delfastbikes , distinguished themselves by creating an electric bike that entered the Guinness Book of Records, breaking the longest distance by one charge) and @ Sergiy Yakovenko (Drone.ua), for sharing their successful experience of entering foreign markets and raising questions about lack of ventures and venture initiatives in Ukraine to support and encourage the development of Ukrainian startups.

Also we would like note @ Anastasia Silenok from 1991 Civic Tech Center Ukraine for helping young fresh businesses initiatives get quality training, qualifications and structuring to increase the interest of foreign investors in supporting our local initiatives. And let’s also note @ Ruslan Anfilov, from Residence of StartUps, who raised the issues of corporate law and that at this stage Ukraine and its state structures are still not close to realizing the need to develop and support Ukrainian initiatives, and the need to create an investment and investor market that would give the opportunity to survive and go through the initial stages of testing for brand new startups.

Many thanks to the organizers, Residence of StartUps, for this event, and to Ukrainian News Studios for accepting us in their space!