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Residence of StartUps


A very interesting and important event took place yesterday morning – there was a roundtable hosted by Residence of StatrUps, where Ukrainian News Studio gave us the opportunity to speak and give a definition of a startup, what challenges startups in Ukraine face, what are the realities of work and how to grow both sides in order to build better bridges and more productive engagement with governmental institutions.

I would like to mention in particular the following persons: @ Vitaliy Chernyak – Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, for his openness and luminosity of the mind, and for his support of the initiative to create start-up incubators and creative spaces within universities, @ Sergiy Dovgopoly (Delfastbikes , distinguished themselves by creating an electric bike that entered the Guinness Book of Records, breaking the longest distance by one charge) and @ Sergiy Yakovenko (, for sharing their successful experience of entering foreign markets and raising questions about lack of ventures and venture initiatives in Ukraine to support and encourage the development of Ukrainian startups.

Also we would like note @ Anastasia Silenok from 1991 Civic Tech Center Ukraine for helping young fresh businesses initiatives get quality training, qualifications and structuring to increase the interest of foreign investors in supporting our local initiatives. And let’s also note @ Ruslan Anfilov, from Residence of StartUps, who raised the issues of corporate law and that at this stage Ukraine and its state structures are still not close to realizing the need to develop and support Ukrainian initiatives, and the need to create an investment and investor market that would give the opportunity to survive and go through the initial stages of testing for brand new startups.

Many thanks to the organizers, Residence of StartUps, for this event, and to Ukrainian News Studios for accepting us in their space!


Digital Chernobyl Program


Today, the first Digital Monument was presented as part of the Digital Chernobyl Program. Dear subscribers, e present to you the piece of our work. At this stage, we are implementing a social project with the participation of the NGO Chernobyl Spas. We set ourselves the goal of creating a full-fledged VR route, where the liquidators and the victims will still talk about the events of the disaster. Each of you will be able to touch and live it in your own way, as if you were beaten by eyewitnesses of those events, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the participants. At this point of time, the Monument is available only in Russian, English subtitles and different language translations are to come.

To view it, you need to download the Bank of Memories application, and point your phone at the photo under this post.

Please, provide your feedback.

Sincerely, your Bank of Memories Team

Bank of Memories & TV show – Blockchain Stars


Good afternoon, my friends, I’m happy to tell you the good news. The Bank of Memories project will take part in the 2nd season of the TV show – Blockchain Stars in September.
15 teams will take part in the show, we will compete for the main prize of $ 100,000. Now, support of each of you is very important to us. About detailed news, we will inform you on our information channels.



A very important memorandum and cooperation agreement between Global Bank of Memories in Ukraine and the Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers was signed as part of the project development work. This will allow the project to participate more deeply and effectively in the military-patriotic education of young people, to preserve the memory of those killed in the fighting, to preserve and make virtual copies of military events, as well as to provide multilateral support to Ukraine’s military educational institutions.

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Digital Chornobyl Coordination


Today a meeting of representatives of the Digital Chornobyl Coordination Council was held

Skopich Yakiv  Chairman of the Association of Chornobyl Rescue

Melanchyk Andrey  author of the project Bank of Memories

Bondar Valery  commander of the 473 regiment at the time of the accident.

Khilchuk Anatoliy  – ChNPP employee master of management at the time of the accident.

And representatives of the Chornobyl NPP

Alexander Novikov Chornobyl Deputy Technical Director for Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Sergei Goncharov  Head of IT Department ChNPP

Vitaliy Medved – Head of the International Cooperation and Information Department of the Sovereign Specialized Industrial Enterprise of Chornobyl NPP

We received good support from the station staff on technical issues. They already outlined the demonstration models of the first digital images and oppressed that the project, the digital Chornobyl is a very necessary project. After all, while the participants in those events are still alive, we must save and pass on to the descendants the truth about those difficult events. Which became an example of a feat of people in the fight against an invisible enemy radiation.

Children and the Minister of Culture of Ukraine get acquainted with the Bank of Memories !!!


We presented the first monument in the hometown of Uman, the author of the project, Melanchik Andrey. Minister of Culture of Ukraine Nishuk Yevgeny and Ukrainian schoolchildren liked it. Moving on.

The Global Bank of Memories software solution is an innovative Blockchain-based startup that allows you to work in B2C, B2B and B2G, and includes software with a set of unique solutions through a decentralized database.

Caution Auditing is completed!


07/15/2019 at 22.00. BMC tokens verification is terminated. All tokens that did not pass verification are recognized as invalid. Any transfer of a token in a system from verified wallets is fraud and beyond speculation. Date of transaction analysis 04/22/2019.
If this fact is revealed, all tokens in a fraudulent transaction are considered invalid and will not be exchanged for GBM. Global Bank of Memories project team.

We are doomed to success Denis Minin & Bank of Memories !!!


Denis Minin – athlete, turnstile and street workout. Denis is actively involved in promoting the ideas of healthy lifestyles among young people in Ukraine and other countries. The athlete is one of the co-founders and ideological inspirers of the international movement “For a Healthy Lifestyle”. Minin – one of the few athletes who follow a vegetarian diet.

 Born on December 2, 1980 in the city of Dnieper (the old name is Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine. After school, Denis entered and successfully graduated from the College of Mechanical Engineering with a degree in systems engineering. Later, the athlete gets a degree in computer engineering engineer DNU them. Olesya Potter.

During college, Denis worked as a loader, security guard.
In 2011, Minin registered the all-Ukrainian public organization “Street Workout Ukraine”. The main activity is aimed at promoting and promoting the principles of healthy lifestyles, developing the infrastructure of yard sports grounds and attracts athletes and athletes to motivate young people by personal example. As part of the program, Minin conducts healthy lifestyles and street workout trainings in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Seminars, trainings and festivals are devoted to various aspects of sport as a science and business.
In the same 2011, Mini and like-minded people organized a festival of Healthy Lifestyle in the Dnieper. In 2014, within the framework of the annual festival, the World Street Workout Championship was held. The World Cup was attended by teams from 75 countries.
Denis Minin is a practitioner in the field of cryptocurrency, produces natural sweets and nutrition for athletes, and also travels to promote the philosophy of healthy lifestyles and street workout in the world.
Coming to Street Workout
At age 11, Minin was engaged in athletics at the school of Olympic reserve. Denis devoted 4 years to running.
Street sports Minin began to engage in school. The first horizontal bar Denis collected and soldered from scrap himself. The guy was doing sped and own exercises on horizontal bars in a typical high-rise courtyard. Over time, the guy joined the neighborhood children.
Since 2004, Denis Minin has promoted healthy lifestyles, encouraging young people to engage in street and professional sports, trying to maximize popularize Street Workout in the Dnieper and Ukraine. The athlete establishes sports grounds, conducts open lessons and master classes.
Denis Minin is one of the members of the Dnieper team of the street bar-Dnepr workout. To join the team in 4 minutes, you need to perform 15 pull-ups with a classic grip, wring out on the bars 25 times, perform an arbitrary number of jumps on the bars and fix the position of the corner for a few seconds.
Interesting facts and answers to questions
In adolescence Minin was fond of cooking and healthy nutrition. The workout writer wrote down his favorite recipes in a special notebook. Denis even wanted to subsequently publish a book on the principles of healthy and rational nutrition.
Among his idols, Mini notes Bruce Lee and Sergey Bubka.
Among the favorite sports of Denis are also cycling, jogging, Pilates and yoga, fitness, windsurfing, various martial arts, strength exercises.
Sometimes Minin can arrange an impromptu training session with the team right on the side of the track on the way to a festival or a master class.
For 8 years of activity of the movement “For a Healthy Life”, Denis Minin with a team conducted trainings and seminars on street workout and healthy lifestyles in 28 countries (including Singapore, Australia, Brazil, India, etc.).
Where does work
(coordinator of social and charitable projects).
    Favorite now: melon.
    Favorite music style: classic.
    Favorite game: Renju and Manager.
    »The strongest character trait: self-criticism.

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