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FINTECHHINN 2019 Vilnius & Bank of Memories


Investment for a startup! For the first time in 2 years, investors and potential partners lined up for our startup, the first time we saw confirmation thar a ghostly world of investments exists.

Just an example: an investor came up to us at the exhibition and said: “I know everything about you, we are interested in you and we have the opportunity.” Honestly, as a CEO, I was so pleasantly taken away, and I realize that you are on the right track.

Another example: Ira Savytska presented the project and during the presentation more than 10 VCs and angels added us on LinkedIn. After the speech, people stopped us to talk, they were ready to use the service, many felt the great mission of our project. Here we are, just 3 days in Vilnius.

By the way, it is interesting that our trip was fully paid by the EU so that we went to represent the project. At this moment, 2 years of wandering flashed before my eyes. Now I know exactly where to look for investors and where to spend our energy and investment to. #bankofmemories #globalbankofmemories

the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra


Today 16.10.2019 carried out active work in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Determined the future scenario of the labels and the potential of the museum complex as a whole. It is important to note the extraordinary energy and inspiration of the museum staff. After such an inspiring excursion, there is a desire to get to work faster to complete the project and let each of you enjoy the story with a new taste of AR (augmented reality) and quality content. (PS): PS: I would like to thank the Director General Rudnik OV personally. , Assistant to the General Director Sazonkini NA and Yuri Koganov for his support and initiative. Moving together into a digital future.

Опубліковано Andrey Melanchik Середа, 16 жовтня 2019 р.

#bankofmemories #globalbankofmemories #digitalukraine #globalbankofmemoriesinukraine

Austria, a Swiss Adviser and many more


Smart City Edition conferences were held in Vienna on 11-12 December – Hoffburg Palace & Schönbrunn Washington Elite The Bank of Memories team presented the project and held a series of fruitful meetings and negotiations.

Опубліковано Andrey Melanchik Пʼятниця, 11 жовтня 2019 р.

Our project has received support from the new Fundraising Advisor and Representative in Europe.
During our short stay in Austria, our project was able to visit and evaluate the level of interaction with tourists in Salzburg and Hallstat, we discovered a clear understanding and understanding of what works and what was just a waste of money and time in cases with the administrations of these amazing places. In fact, imagine that someone tested your hypothesis at their own expense. We are on the right track.

Bank of Memories project Lviv


On October 7, 2019, the Bank of Memories project presented its program to the Lviv Oblast Administration. They agreed on a cooperation and a pilot project in the Lviv region

Опубліковано Дмитрієм Топоренком Понеділок, 7 жовтня 2019 р.

Ivano-Frankivsk and project presentation.


Ivano-Frankivsk City Council. Impressions are positive, we look forward to further cooperation and signing memoranda. Welcomed to local volunteers and the local community, which looks after the families of the victims. We go to Kalush, with a gift – a digital city tag and a video created by our team members.

Опубліковано Дмитрієм Топоренком Четвер, 3 жовтня 2019 р.

Опубліковано Дмитрієм Топоренком Четвер, 3 жовтня 2019 р.

Severodonetsk & Bank of Memories


A presentation of the Bank of Memories project took place today in the city of Severodonetsk (Luhansk region) at the Crisis Donetsk Crisis Media Center. The event was attended by representatives of the Regional State Administration, representatives of the public, journalists of local TV and radio channels. The project was presented and we expect feedback from local authorities and the public. Many thanks to the management of the Siversky Donets Crisis Media Center office for their assistance in organizing the event.

Work with the RSA and community organizations. Kramatorsk, Donetsk


The Bank of Memories team held a presentation in Kramatorsk. There were representatives of the Donetsk regional administration, members of the public council at the Regional State Administration and public organizations. We agreed on the signing of memoranda.

Опубліковано Дмитрієм Топоренком Понеділок, 30 вересня 2019 р.

Anna Vitalievna аmazing woman & DigitalChernobyl


What do you think 30 years (half life) to be a leading researcher in the museums, Chernobyl, Kiev, which goes to one of the pearls of Ukrainian and world museums is a feat or just a job. Anyone who did not live in the USSR, and then in Ukraine will say work, and I will say a feat. Deputy Director for Research Anna Vitalievna Korolevskaya.

Как Вы думаете 30 лет ( пол жизни) быть ведущим научным сотрудником в музеи ,, Чернобыль,, г. Киева который в ходит в…

Опубліковано Andrey Melanchik Середа, 18 вересня 2019 р.

Today I was able to spend an amazing 3 hours in museums once again making sure that Bank of Memories & Digital Chernobyl is a project that can not only be saved and relayed about those events. We can talk about the great work that selfless experts such as Anna Vitalyevna are doing, trying to bury and pass on to the future generations that lesson that cannot be repeated. I recommend visiting the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev. To understand what the Chernobyl Accident really is. We will soon be able to more deeply reveal the depth of the museum and show you something that you have not yet seen that unique content that you don’t see often, but which reveals the problem of the ChNPP from a deeper point of view #BankofMemories #DigitalChernobyl #GlobalBankofMemoriesinUkraine

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