The most interesting thing is that such confrontations give rise to freedom for users. Pirates against the regular army of the loyal and subordinate.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates & Pavel Durov and Mark Zuckerberg

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WhatsApp has been and remains a traditional subject of Durov’s criticism. The entrepreneur has repeatedly spoken out against the competing messenger, criticizing the approach of its creators to ensuring the safety of users, as well as communication with advertisers and special services. However, this time he has a new claim, which is that Facebook (owns WhatsApp) allegedly started digging for Telegram. Durov wrote about this in his telegram channel, confining himself for some reason only to the English version.

Facebook has an entire department dedicated to identifying the reasons for Telegram’s popularity. Imagine dozens of people working on this alone full time. I’m happy to save Facebook tens of millions of dollars and reveal our secret for free: just respect your users. Millions of people are outraged by the latest change to WhatsApp’s user agreement, which now obliges users to transfer their personal data to Facebook. It is not surprising that the transition of users from WhatsApp to Telegram has acquired such proportions, – wrote Durov.

According to the entrepreneur, the management of WhatsApp, which was unable to compete with Telegram by honest methods, turned to subversive activities. Wikipedia editors recently discovered several paid bots that added biased information about WhatsApp to the encyclopedia, as well as spread it on social networks. Moreover, almost all the information they publish is based on three myths designed to discredit Telegram and its creators, provoking a backflow of users.

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On the night of January 17-18, it became known that the American Coalition for a Safe Web, chaired by Mark Ginsberg, the former US ambassador to Morocco, filed a lawsuit against Apple. The subject of the lawsuit was the requirement to remove Telegram from the App Store due to the lack of moderation and the use of the messenger by extremists and opponents of the political regime in the United States. Cupertino did not comment in any way on the possibility of removing Telegram and stopping its work on iOS. However, Pavel Durov immediately made it clear that his messenger is literally unsinkable.

According to Mark Ginsberg, President of the Coalition for a Safe Web, Telegram is a platform for communication between extremists and criminals of all stripes. Therefore, Apple is obliged to remove the messenger from the App Store, and he, as the owner of the iPhone, has the right to demand removal based on the company’s current security policy. However, that’s not all, Ginsberg said. Right now, the coalition is preparing a similar lawsuit against Google, the goal of which is to remove Telegram from Google Play, from where it is also successfully downloaded.

Industry experts believe Apple is simply being pressured, although of course Telegram can indeed be used to coordinate various actions. Still, it offers users private and secure chats that cannot be read by strangers.

According to the mission of safety and goodness, witches were burned. They strengthened control, said that everything is for the good.
Freedom in spite of everything !!!