I knew that this day would come and I would write about Bank of Memories and focus on the culture and philosophy of personal data storage, which we carry with our values.

Digital society is forming now and it’s a right time to give a new digital product to the world.

8 years ago, my mom got Parkinson’s disease. It was a tragedy for the whole family. Realizing that she would not live a long life, I set a goal to collect all the information about her, so that I could pass it to the future. I wanted her to tell about herself to her grandchildren at least in a digital space. However, it turned quite difficult to gather all information about her. Photos in one place, files in another, videos in the third, and relatives had some archives as well.

I began to study the services of unified data storage available on the market and it turned out that they were unsafe, expensive and unreliable. Judging by the reviews, another 35 million people faced the same problem.

In total, about 250 million people are trying to save. Many existing services are limited; you cannot synchronize or administrate data easily. If the access to the system is lost it is sometimes impossible to recover.

How to save yourself so that it is interesting to review your archive later? It is important for me to remember about my mother, I would like the message she sent to the future to change the lives of my children for the better. I do not want her whole life experience to be reset to zero in one day. We, like flash drives, accumulate information during our life and then we are reset to zero when we pass away.

I have a question to you: Would you be interested to know about your great-grandfather? Not just look through the pictures or see the video, but to see and hear something what is to be said privately by a fireplace. Information told by a person with your genetic code, by someone, who looked alike and lived in the past.

I guess you would remember his story and wisdom the whole life.


These challenges with data storage and sending it to the future made me reevaluate my whole life. I shut down my construction business and went into the unknown world of IT startups.

I came to build a reliable, simple and interesting service for self-storage. As I realized later, I did it backwards. Nevertheless, I understand this only now, when part of my path is behind and there is an opportunity, having climbed the hill from trial and error, to evaluate the path I traveled.

  • “Is it scary to shut down a working business and go into the unknown at 33?”
  • “No, it’s not scary, because going after a dream should not be scary,”


It was not enough for me to just earn money. I wanted to create something useful for this world, something that would benefit everyone, and not just me.

Why am I writing all this? For you, my dear and beloved future customers. All those who need to save themselves; all those who understand what a unique opportunity we have now, creating our personal data saved securely.

I want to take you by hand along the path I walked and show how we create the Bank of Memories. I want to give you something completely new, beautiful and interesting, something that will give you hope that you will be heard in 100 years by new generations. The way that can make you the first immortal inhabitant of the digital universe.

The first always get the best.

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I’ll write every week about how I pitched the project to German Gref, how the crypto billionaire deceived me, how somebody sent me $ 2,000 when I got stuck in Kazakhstan with the note “when you get rich, please return”, how I became a vegetarian, how the investor deceived me in China and then the photographer saved me.

How I lost a friend with whom I did this project, but I didn’t give up.

I managed to go forward and believed that one day everyone can save themselves and their grandchildren will see it.  

I will also write how to refused $ 1 000 000 twice, realizing that the money offered for my idea will simply destroy the energy of the project.

There will be stories on how I found a team. How to find love and not lose faith. About the architecture and the algorithm that will give security. I will share documents, algorithms and … fuckups, of course.

PS: Like any small child, we need your support, dear readers. If you are an investor, please reach me out directly at melanchik@bmcoin.io.

With love and sincere gratitude for your time,

Andrew Melanchik


Bank of Memories