There are plenty of articles and recommendations, where detailed step-by-step actions are presented in order to protect your device and the data on it from hacker actions.

Not so long ago, Ukraine suffered a large-scale cyber attack using a malicious software identified as a virus Petya. The virus caused significant damage to the Ukrainian enterprises, companies, banking institutions, government agencies, etc., unauthorized receiving of administrative information and access to all server files.

It is not a secret that modern life of people is running up mostly online. That’s where we keep the most important information: our memories, emotions, photos and video. Even the financial transactions are carried out though the Internet.

How to keep and not to lose what is important to you and not to become a victim of hackers? In this respect there are a number of recommendations:

Can’t trust spam. Most of the worms spread via spam e-mail. Therefore, it is recommended to delete such messages without grasping into their essence. You must not download such files categorically.

Download and browse only trusted sites. In searching of available free content, we often forget about security. Downloading a program from a doubtful site, you can easily lose money in the electronic wallet, or lose all the photos and important documents.

Regularly update software. Very often, hackers use holes in all sorts of browsers or offices. There are users who don’t really care about downloading updates, so the hackers successfully use them for their attacks. Always keep the computer’s antivirus and firewall with updated databases. Also your computer can be attacked without using data directly through the Internet. The hacker will easily penetrate into your computer and make with it the necessary actions. Therefore, the firewall is a necessary thing.

Do not visit suspicious websites! Very often such sites with suspicious content contain virus hidden in the code of their pages and as a result gets onto your computer. Although recently such searching systems like Google is warning you about potential danger of the virus attack.

Be careful with the files. It is undesirable to connect to your computer storage device information without updated anti-virus and be sure to check the media for damage. Even if it is a flash device of your friend, do not trust blindly. No one can guarantee that he also, as you observes safety rules.

Do not neglect the safety rules before you start working with the computer, in order not to lose it and all the data in it.

Taking the path of technical progress, the company Bank of Memories, developing an app has put the security in priority. Case studies integrated into the project, allow complete privacy and security usability of the app, which is extremely important for the company. Taking into consideration the fact that users will send not only emotions, but also financial reward for watching we’ve integrated into the system SSG Encrypted messages, which completely eliminates the possibility of hacking of your data and SSG Netbook, which successfully resists the most common types of threats — viruses and hacking.

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