Generation Gap



    “Greatest and silent generations”, “Baby boomers”, “Millennials”, “Generation X and Z” – all the definitions describing the names of the human categories divided by age. All the groups of above described people are thought to be extremely different, having enormous chasm, separating believes and behaviours. We are determined to find out the way to unite all the generations and bridge gap between them. How? Continue reading the post!

Examining the methods of regulating differences between humans of different age, let’s learn special features of each generation. The greatest generation  are World War II survivors, people, tempered by war hunger and other disaster. This group is defined by patriotism, teamwork and conservatism. 

Silent generation – people born between 1928 and 1945. They are considered to be rule-followers, obedient and reserved to all new and unknown.

Baby boomers (born on 1960th and 1970th) – witnesses of global changes, world economic integrations. Main characteristics of the generation are the following, these people tend to be: hard-working and focused, competitive, independent and especially considerable to family values and unit between relatives.

The birth years of Gen X are 1965–1980. People from this category are defined as critical thinkers, flexible and self-reliant workers, lovely and true friends. The main value for them are usually successful career and high social status.

Millennials(1981 and 1996) have always knоwn cable TV, pаgers, answering machines, laptop computers, and video games. Technological advancements in real-time media and communicаtion hаve driven their expectation for immediacy. They аre the generation that bridges the gаp of growing up in a world before and after the Internet.

Generation Z – people termed “digital natives”. They are contemporary, politically progressive, open to all new trends, financially-minded, determined  and diverse.

As you have already noticed all the generations are completely different, and as usual it can be unbearably hard for all them to live in one family. The only way we see for bridging up the gap is developing first family app – “Bank of Memories”, which will be the first platform for human of different ages. In our app all will be united by the main purpose of saving and exploring family history, examining each others lives and developing family contacts.