Investment for a startup! For the first time in 2 years, investors and potential partners lined up for our startup, the first time we saw confirmation thar a ghostly world of investments exists.

Just an example: an investor came up to us at the exhibition and said: “I know everything about you, we are interested in you and we have the opportunity.” Honestly, as a CEO, I was so pleasantly taken away, and I realize that you are on the right track.

Another example: Ira Savytska presented the project and during the presentation more than 10 VCs and angels added us on LinkedIn. After the speech, people stopped us to talk, they were ready to use the service, many felt the great mission of our project. Here we are, just 3 days in Vilnius.

By the way, it is interesting that our trip was fully paid by the EU so that we went to represent the project. At this moment, 2 years of wandering flashed before my eyes. Now I know exactly where to look for investors and where to spend our energy and investment to. #bankofmemories #globalbankofmemories