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Before we break into the story about the Blockchain congress we want to present you a list of participants. I think that many of you will find among them popular personalities in the blockchain world. We present the speakers and their topics:


Keynote speech by ISMAIL MALIK “Smart Contracts for Banking”

VITALIY BODNAR ”How to protect yourself against cryptoscam”

PASCAL B. VAN KNIJFF “How a lack of trust affects the Crypto Industry and Investments (and what to do about it)”

OPHIR GERTNER ”The next wave of ICOs”

DMITRIY KOZELKIN  “Malta: DLT and Fintech Regulation”

JEFF FREY ”How to avoid scams in blockchain and make investments safer”

NATALYA MENSHIKOVA ”Social Media & e-Commerce: the fashion industry blockchain revolution”

Speech by MAXIM TELESHEV + VLADISLAV EGOROV ”Smart contracts and it’s bussiness implementation”


Panel disscussion ”Blockchain and Fundraisng”, Moderated by Nikola Sologub: Dmitry Kozelkin, Gangadeep Singh, Ralph Liu +1

NICK SPANOS “Sounding the Alarm: Decentralization and the State of the Crypto”

Speech by DALLAS RUSHING ”KARMA: A Social Network For Good”

BO POLNY ”2019 Financial CRASH of the Century causing a Cryptocurrency Bull Market Price EXPLOSION”

NIKOLA SOLOGUB  ”DANZ – Gold – backed Digital Asset and how to build one”

CAL EVANS ”Protection of industries with the help of blockchain technology”

Panel dissusion ”Blockchain for good, Charity” Moderated by Dallas Rushing: Antonio Manno, Amit Jairath +2

ALEXANDER ADAM KULESHOV ”Israeli Blockchain Market in 2019, new prospectives for international investments”


ARTUR KUCZMOWSKI ”Security Token Offering as safer fundraising models than ICOs (case study based on Estonian law regulations)”




CHRIS DENNY “Blockchain and E-Commerce – B2C, B2B”

ELIRAN LEVY ”Importance of having a reliable source of information in the evolving blockchain industry”

MARCOS BENÍTEZ RUBIANES ”Blockchain for sustainable development”

Panel dissusion ” STO’s versus ICO’s” (4-5 persons)  Moderated by Bruce Porter: Ismail Malik, Max Kops,Valentin Preobrazhenskiy +1

PETER BEL “New opportunities for your company in a bear market”

GIORGIO TALEGON ”How the Blockchain Revolution will disrupt the Ad Industry”

Lunch break, socializing, networking

BRUCE PORTER ”NFT’s, Decentralized Exchanges And Why The STO Will Propel The Next Bull Run”

VASSILI I. OXENUK ”Wall Street and Cryptoworld. Investment banking in the light of new technologies”

 ASSOC. PROF. DR. ROBERT BRAUN Disruption or dystopia: smart cities, autonomous vehicles and blockchain. The presentation will focus on the connection between blockchain technology and autonomous driving; look at how our lives may change and what we can do about it.

VIT JEDLICKA ”The First Decentralized Autonomous Government System”

MASSIMO BUONOMO ”Blockchain in finance and in the supply chain”

RALPH Y. LIU ”Real life experience in building a blockchain startup during the fast moving cryptocurrency market sentiments and the developing regulatory framework, lessons to be learned and advice going forward”

ASSI ZICHLINSKI  ” Digital Footprint: The Next Generation of e-Commerce ”

MARTIN BERWEGER ”ICOs in the Crypto Valley Zug”

DMITRIY MACHIKHIN ”Blockchain in legaltech as a best synergy”

Panel dissusion ”Blockchain regulations” Moderated  by MAKSYM VYSOCHANSKIY:Marek Parzynski, Bartosz Gras, Berweger Martin

STEFAN BEYER ”Cybersecurity Considerations in Blockchain Investments”

ANGEL VERSETTI ”How Blockchain and IoT will Power the Smart Cities of the Future”

ANTI DANILEVSKI ”Pivoting a crypto startup according to the changing crypto market”


PAVEL MUNTYAN ”Freeland movie presentation”

Speech by Speech by VALENTIN PREOBRAZHENSKIY ”How to structure Security Token Offering in 2 month?”

KISHORE M ”ICO or CrowdFunding which is the Best Fund Raising Option?”

OLIVER PROCK ”Building a bridge to FIAT”

ROBBY SCHWERTNER ”Utility versus security token”

”Blockchain Investment Strategies In 2019” (4-5 persons) Moderated  by TONE VAYS: Joshua Paul Hawley, Walter Komarek, Dinis Guarda+1

DINIS GUARDA ”The present and future of Al and Blockchain”


Lunch break, socializing, networking

ANDREW KOLODYUK “How Blockchain will change the Video Ads Market”

SONJA PRSTEC ”Legal challenges in world of blockchain”

ALEXIS THOMAS ”Blockchain Future with Daily Life”

MAKSYM VYSOCHANSKIY  ”The Biggest Mistakes all ICOs/STOs are making”

AAMIR BUTT ”Lancorscientific Company Presentation”

ALFRED STEPHAN LATSCHENBERGER “How the fund raising of the future could look like”


MARCO CALICCHIA ”Proof of Community – Mass power your success”

FLORIAN WIMMER “Compliance and optimized taxation for digital assets”

DAVID STANCEL ”STO’s Ecosystem overview and Challenges”

VADYM HRUSHA ”Identity Access Management (IAM) and what blockchain has to offer to it in the future”

YONATHAN PARLENTI ”HoryouToken, Blockchain with a Purpose. Building Social and Economic Inclusion, Fostering the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

AMIT JAIRATH ”Victus Network/ Karma App – Integrating into a decentralized social network for a creative conscious community”

PROF. HORST TREIBLMAIER ””Fostering sustainability with Blockchain”

MAX KOPS ”Tokens as an asset class: How tokens fit and don’t fit into your portfolio”

AMIT JOSHI ”Present challenges and the future of healthcare applications on blockchain”

RAMA KRISHNA ”The pros and cons of di