We, like all innovators who create something new, uniquely unifying concepts and absolutely different directions, create a new ecosystem.

Using the symbiosis of already existing technological solutions, we unite them harmoniously with the help of revolutionary technology of blockade. Someone will say that this is a minus, but we were inspired to implement a bright project example of two students (and many at the beginning considered them solution unclaimed), crossed the typewriter and the TV, using the calculator as connecting link. Then it gave the world a personal a computer. Being first and unique is never easy. Understanding that the Ethereum token does not satisfy technical and economic characteristics of the project, and only solve problems at the first stage of attracting investment, the team decided to launch its own blockbuster. Realizing that a small group of specialists with difficulty will cope with the task, and in the future itself the project can feel the “hunger of cadres”, we started seek a solution together with the teachers of the KPI. 100,000 Transactions per second and a unique generation process A new coin based on the amount of data that saves the user, and their reliability, both in the sense of stability of its Internet connection, and lack of forgery and fraud in the processing of transactions, formed the basis of design of a block for the Bank of Memories. AT Soon the client will be published and all will be able to verify the effectiveness of its work. So it was one of the main tasks of the project (price transactions).

The implementation of our project would have been impossible without attracting first-class specialists in the field of storage and information sharing. Given the shortage of specialists in the field of blocking and scaling of databases on global IT market, it was decided to deploy implementation of the project, attracting the best specialists working in these areas -Design Bureau “Metarchia”. In the project tokenomics there is a description distribution of tokens, and taking into attracting the first investors to implement project, it is normal practice to make discounts on the pre-sail. Also for media promotion was taken decision to launch the Bounty program, involving bloggers and media people. At the first stage of the ICO, the project went through many stages of development and renewal. There were changes were made to the project, according to recommendations leading experts in the field of blockbuster and ICO. The price for the service and getting out to breakeven were calculated in the analysis of different directions and markets, because the project goes to three huge markets simultaneously. The price of the token is formed exclusively by the market. The key factors in the formation of the market price on the exchange are the popularity of the product itself, the relevance service and coins, as payment for the service in the system. A significant factor of influence may also be news background and overall market sentiment, taking into account attention trends and the impact of leading crypto currency. Even with such a volatility of the crypto currency that can play as on the hand of the project, and in a minus, our coin is tied to a live service and will grow in the process. it is due to an increase in the volume of stored information. The initial transparency of the distribution of tokens, incl. open information on bonus tokens, incl. burned, not sold on the ICO, will allow the final stage of the ICO. In any case, the team undertakes all necessary actions to promote the project, transparent business and distribution of tokens. As a project in the process of development and constant improvement, we inevitably come across need to periodically make changes and edits both in the technical and legal part of the project, in t.ch. documentation. A lot has already been passed, but much remains to be done. Therefore, we are open to constructive criticism and fruitful cooperation at all stages of implementation our project.

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