The heart of blockchain is beating now in UAE and 7 December 2017 UAE will host the most anticipated technology event – Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi 2017

Today, December 7, 2017 there will be a blockchain-conference in Abu Dhabi (UAE)  >

Participants will discuss the creation of a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and successes in the field of applying Blockchain technology in the modern world of the Middle East. The event will bring together experts from the field of the blockchain and crypto currency.

Speaker No. 1 at the conference is our adviser Shariq Hashmi (LISK Ecosystem, UAE Ambassador). Shariq will tell about how ICO influences the technology of blockchain, will tell about the project “Bank of Memories” from the point of view of the world crypto community, reporting the uniqueness and simplicity of the project. We invite all of you to an online presence at this event.

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