September 27, at Rixos Premium Hotel there was a gathering of 200 interested in blockchain and more than 1000 participants of online livestream and there were appearances of experts from TOP-20 blockchain projects: Ethereum, LISK, TenX and others, and also of promising pre-selected startups.

During the event the discussion with honored professionals from the field of real business, blockchain and cryptography as well as Pitch session and Invest Spinner were held wherein 15 projects conducted express-negotiations lasting one minute.
Mentor of Bank of Memories project, Viktor Honcharuk, appeared with the video presentation about the project: he told about the concept, stages of development of the service of keeping and transferring emotions and cryptoassets and answered the experts’ questions. His speech caused a doubtless interest and attracted attention of the audience to the project. Thus, the team received good feedback shaped as the attraction of investments as well as advisers and support from Arabic blockchain-community.
The project is developing, picking up speed and we are moving onwards and upwards.

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