On September 6, the team of Bank of Memories, led by Andrei Melanchik, took part in the ICO Revizor project.

The meeting of startups preparing for the ICO, representatives of business and experts, whose goal was to provide opportunities to pass the test drive of their project, was held in the friendly atmosphere of the Coworking Platforma Leonardo.

The goal of this project is to provide an opportunity for start-ups and businesses preparing to enter the ICO, to pass the test drive of the project idea.

As part of the program, the founders of start-ups were able not only to present their ideas, but also to get expert evaluation from strict but fair critics: colleagues, investors, marketers and business development specialists.

The launch of the event was the presentation of Yury Milyutin, the operational director of the block-projects agency. In his speech, the expert revealed an actual and topical issue, which has not gone off the pages and tapes of leading and specialized publications — ICO in Ukraine — for a year now. In his presentation, Yuri revealed the following topics: Is it worth investing in ICO; how much it is profitable in today’s conditions; how not to hit the next skam; as well as on the legal field of carrying out crowdedging campaigns.
Within the framework of the ICO Auditor, various projects were presented, the conceptual solution of which is focused on the final consumer and on business clients.

The experts of the event were Yury Milyutin, the operating director of the 8760 block-projects agency, Stanislav Podyachev, managing partner of Blockchain lab, Natalya Gavrilenko, SEO and co-founder AroundB, and Alexey Volkovsky, cryptoinvestor.

At the end of each presentation, strict, startup critics presented their vision regarding the prospects for each of the projects, and also gave a series of recommendations to beginning start-ups to improve the business model to attract investors.

The creator and CEO of the Bank of Memories project, Andrei Melanchik, in an easy and unconstrained manner, provoking genuine interest among listeners and experts, presented the idea of ​​his start-up, and also answered a number of counter-questions.

Bank of Memories is the First International Memory Bank, which will store, and at the same time, transfer to the future, your memories and the crypto currency. This project is implemented on the technology of cryptography and blockchain. Why blockchain and cryptography? Because the technology of the messenger, which will be the basis of the service, is aimed at ensuring safety
information and its confidentiality. “- explained Andrei.
In his speech, the CEO of the project told about the main mission that underlies the project — to deliver from the point A to point B a message in full confidentiality and safety. “Man is guided not only by emotions, but also by curiosity. In this regard, our service provides such an option as a reward for viewing. Each
the user can, himself get a coin for the viewed content, and also set this option for others, — the creator added, — the application is designed for various people’s tasks. First, it will be interesting to send a video to the future,
the second — to store valuable information, but the third — will be able to earn, as an investor of the project, “- summarized Melanchik.

At the end of his speech, Andrei answered a number of questions from colleagues and business representatives, and also received invaluable recommendations from experts who noted the originality and emotionality of the presentation, and the startup itself in particular.
The Bank of Memories team would like to thank the organizers of the event, the experts, as well as all those who expressed their views on the idea of ​​the project and expressed a desire to learn more about it, while communicating in a free format.

We are open and transparent to all. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

We remind you that the start of Pre-ICO is scheduled for 10.10.2017.

Everyone has the opportunity to purchase a token at a super low price — $ 0.05 per BMCoin (BMC).

Details about the project Bank of Memories read in an interview with its creator, Andrei Melanchik.

Photo report from the event.

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