ATTENTION ! The process of accrual of GBM coins to BMC token holders has begun on 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021. Anyone who has been audited, please contact @BankofmemoriesSupport for instructions.
IMPORTANT. After 02/01/2021, the project enters the preparation stage for listing and all information about GBM holders will be publicly available through the project explorer. The same information with a full package of documents will be provided to the security services of the exchanges for verification and confirmation. All BMC tokens will be moved to the starting address and recognized as invalid, any manipulations with the BMC token from 01.09.2018. Considered illegal and not in line with the Bank of Memories implementation policy.
We have come a long way, and over the past 3 years we have been working non-stop to develop and launch the Bank of Memories ecosystem, we are very grateful to all members of our community. To reward patience and faith in the project, the Bank of Memories Team has allocated 100,000 GBM for all members of the community, which will be offered at $ 0.35 only holders and testers can participate in the distribution. The distribution will last from 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021 details and applications @BankofmemoriesSupport Everyone else can take part by submitting an application through the official website for a private sale 1,000,000 GBM is allocated at $ 0.45.