At Bank of Memories new Adviser!


We’ve been looking for a professional and responsible lawyer who would help us solve the issues relating to the regulatory framework for our project.
Our efforts at finding had not been spent in vain. We found a specialist who dismantled and insight into the essence of our project and agreed to serve our jedvajzerom that it is doubly pleasant!

We want you to submit Cidoruk Dinu, a lawyer with years of experience. Dina is also a partner of JSC “Monster” and souchreditilem Krosondovich with DV lawyer (Ukraine).
The assistance of highly qualified lawyers to help us deal with the following issues:

• Project and technical analysis;
• Corporate structuring and registration;
• Opening of corporate accounts;
• The organization receiving Government-issued funds between ICO;
• Regulatory Compliance and analysis;
• Tax analysis;
• Development of legal documentation.

We believe it is important to ensure full transparency and reliability of our project from the legal side, as this will help our investors once again confirm our seriousness.
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