Here one could write a long article about the thorny path of two Ukrainian startups from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Today we will tell you how two Ukrainian teams supported each other – the BTC-Alpha cryptocurrency exchange and the Bank of Memories startup.
Bank of Memories is a service for preserving and transferring digital assets and memories to the future using blockchain. The service can store data, send messages to the future, and soon it will be possible to create bloodlines and inherit memories and assets.
BTC-Alpha crypto exchange is in the TOP-100 on Coinmarketcap.

Meet Vitaly Botnar, Director of BTC-Alpha. He hails from the picturesque Vinnytsia region, Ukraine. Vitaly took a chance and created a business with an average turnover of              $ 1,500,000 per day. He achieved this result in just 5 years.

Vitaly and his team survived the crypto winter. Very often projects come and just want to raise funds, but sometimes they are not going to make a product. These projects have no chance of getting on Vitaly’s stock exchange.
To get listed, a startup must pay a large sum of money to prove its seriousness. In 2021, Vitaly came up with a new listing mechanism for young and promising projects – Social Listing.

What is a social media listing?
There is no such instrument on any other exchange, we did not find it.
A startup can attract about 3,000 of its followers to the exchange and ask them to vote for their project. This tool gives a startup a unique opportunity to prove its viability and, as a result, attract funding without huge listing costs.
The bank of memories comes from the neighboring Cherkasy region, Ukraine. The author of the project is Andrey Melanchik from Uman. The project team has been moving from idea to working application since the end of 2017. During this time, many tests have been carried out, many different hypotheses have been tested. Based on these results, Bank of Memories found the right way to develop the project.

The BTC-Alpha exchange believes that Bank of Memories is a project with great potential, so it was invited to be listed on social networks. 

Now anyone can invest in the coins of new projects on the exchange, but a large number of coins or tokens on the cryptocurrency market are of little use or not needed at all. You need to take a close look at what problem the coin solves and how it is applied. If people are not well versed in coins, it can be a waste of money.
Social listing is an opportunity for investors, without risking their own funds (but only with bonus coins), to vote for a project and give it a chance to get support from the public.
How it works?
– The investor / follower registers on the BTC-Alpha Exchange and goes through the KYC (Identity Verification) process.
– Investor / Follower gets 100 bonus coins for voting. By giving these bonus coins to a young project, a person receives project coins, if provided for by the conditions.
– On the day when the project is gaining about 3000 fans, the day of listing is announced and a certain number of coins will appear on the exchange at a reduced price for those who want to buy these coins at the very beginning.
Thus, the project proves its necessity and viability.

Bank of Memories rewards those who put in the time and support the project and provides 90,000 GBM to be split among 3,000 voting members.
So how do you support Bank of Memories?
– Download the app, get the first bonus
– Register on the BTC-Alpha exchange and get 100 bonus coins, vote for the project
– Upon completion of the voting, each of the first 3000 people will receive a total of $ 10.50 in GBM Coins.
– On the day of listing, 0.7% of the coins will be placed at a starting price of US $ 0.35.
You can find out about the prospects of the project and the possibilities of the GBM coin here.