What do you think 30 years (half life) to be a leading researcher in the museums, Chernobyl, Kiev, which goes to one of the pearls of Ukrainian and world museums is a feat or just a job. Anyone who did not live in the USSR, and then in Ukraine will say work, and I will say a feat. Deputy Director for Research Anna Vitalievna Korolevskaya.

Как Вы думаете 30 лет ( пол жизни) быть ведущим научным сотрудником в музеи ,, Чернобыль,, г. Киева который в ходит в…

Опубліковано Andrey Melanchik Середа, 18 вересня 2019 р.

Today I was able to spend an amazing 3 hours in museums once again making sure that Bank of Memories & Digital Chernobyl is a project that can not only be saved and relayed about those events. We can talk about the great work that selfless experts such as Anna Vitalyevna are doing, trying to bury and pass on to the future generations that lesson that cannot be repeated. I recommend visiting the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev. To understand what the Chernobyl Accident really is. We will soon be able to more deeply reveal the depth of the museum and show you something that you have not yet seen that unique content that you don’t see often, but which reveals the problem of the ChNPP from a deeper point of view #BankofMemories #DigitalChernobyl #GlobalBankofMemoriesinUkraine