ANON Blockchain Summit Austria was a comprehensive two-day conference dedicated to real blockchain applications in business, government, banking and finance, health and energy. Experienced speakers, interested investors and opinion leaders will explore the opportunities and threats of this new technology. They will analyze the status quo and foresee what we can expect in the future. A huge number of contacts and fit backs about the project was received by our team. We also once again received confirmation that we are moving the right route. We all had one question, “When we can install it and fully use it,“ Soon, very soon !!! We presented a prototype for the beautiful city of Vienna, and also discussed cooperation and the opening of an official representative office in Austria. At the same time there was a lack of interesting and very rich UN Blocked Conferens conference. The event was held at the Vienna University of Economics where we were able to communicate and hear opinions about the Bank of Memories from Jürgen Schneider. government structure, because our project aims to work in the B2G sector. Programming a sustainable world ”was the slogan of the [UN] BLOCKED conference. 600 people attended the conference in April 2019 to find out how the blockchain technology can help us achieve the 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN.
The conference was intended as a two-day event. The goal was to bring together various stakeholders who usually do not interact with each other: sustainable development experts, politicians, international organizations, start-ups. The main objective of the conference and the entire [UN] BLOCKED initiative is to foster a culture of interdisciplinary discourse, on the basis of which projects based on comprehensive solutions can be developed. The conference bridged the gap between those who are tech savvy and those who deeply understand the SDGs.
The first day of the conference served as fertile ground for everyone to meet and create a community on this topic. To provoke discussions, the event was divided into two sections: a conference room and an exhibition area. The conference was grouped into four areas: (i) Local currencies, (ii) Transparency of the supply chain, (iii) Governance and accountability, (iv) Strength of incentives. Each track consisted of 3 reports and ended with joint question and answer sessions of all three keynote speakers. The deliberate long breaks between tracks ensured that the conference visitors had enough time to talk with the start-ups on display in the exhibition area, as well as talk with other speakers and visitors.