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Can’t beat ‘em? Join ‘em: Mastercard and Visa make a case for Bitcoin


Mastercard is set to open the shop doors to crypto as a means of payment in 2021, but it will likely be a challenge for the firm.

On Feb. 10, Mastercard announced that it would start supporting a select few cryptocurrencies on its payment network. According to the payments giant, the inclusion of cryptocurrencies will allow customers to “save, store and send money in new ways” while opening up new opportunities for merchants as well. 

The announcement followed a presentation on Jan. 30 in which Visa reaffirmed its plans to continue to push for cryptocurrency payments and on-ramps, showing that the company has long-term plans for the sector. With both credit card giants on board, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin (BTC) is no longer just an experimental form of “internet money” but rather a new asset class of its own — one that is here to stay.

Mastercard’s and Visa’s foray into crypto is just one example of the ever-growing barrage of mainstream technology and payment companies delving into Bitcoin as an investment, form of payment or investment vehicle, but these two companies represent billions of payments carried out every year.

So, what does this mean for Bitcoin specifically and for crypto in general? Some are saying the industry may not be there yet but that this latest development could be the very beginning of mainstream adoption. Tone Vays, Bitcoin analyst and organizer of the “Unconfiscatable” Bitcoin conference, told Cointelegraph:



Failed against Ripple: Former SEC chairman


When the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit in the waning days of the Trump administration against cryptocurrency company Ripple in December, the broader crypto-industry reacted with surprise and alarm. It also led Ripple to deploy some high-profile advocates to defend it in public—including former SEC chair Mary Jo White.

In an interview with Fortune, White claimed the agency she once led made a blunder in suing Ripple for the alleged sale of unlicensed securities. The sale in question relates to the digital currency XRP, which was created by Ripple in 2013 and which today trades broadly in markets around the world.

“There’s no way to sugarcoat it. They’re dead wrong legally and factually,” White said.


White’s opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, given her current role as Ripple’s attorney. Nonetheless, White’s observations are worth noting given her stature. As one of the country’s top securities lawyers and a former U.S. attorney for the powerful Southern District of New York, White has firsthand insight into the politics and processes that inform decision-making at agencies like the SEC, which she led for nearly four years during Barack Obama’s second presidential term.

According to White, the fact that the SEC filed the complaint against Ripple in late December is telling. This was a time when most of the top people at the agency, including former chair Jay Clayton, were on cusp of departing and after the SEC had spent years investigating Ripple.


“As a former U.S. attorney and SEC chair, you know that when it takes that long to figure out a case you probably shouldn’t be bringing it. It’s not something I would do walking out the door,” she said.

While the timing of the lawsuit has raised eyebrows, the complaint itself contains damning allegations. Specifically, the SEC claims senior executives, including cofounder Chris Larsen and current CEO Brad Garlinghouse, have made millions for themselves selling XRP—even as Ripple failed to find a practical use for the digital currency. In the agency’s view, Ripple’s main goal has been to induce people to buy XRP as a speculative investment.

To make its case, the SEC points to a 1946 Supreme Court ruling that sets out the definition of an investment contract—a definition that, over the years, has encompassed a wide variety of ventures such as “orange groves, animal breeding programs, railroads, mobile phones, and enterprises that exist only on the Internet.”

Despite the novelty of digital currency, Ripple’s sale of XRP is just another example of a company flogging a speculative investment, according to the SEC. And under long-standing securities laws, such a company is obliged to provide disclosures with the agency to help investors understand what they’re buying.

White claims that this narrative is misleading and that the SEC’s struggle to develop a regulatory framework for crypto has led it to try to “fit a round peg in a square hole.” She also argues that the agency’s lawsuit is arbitrary, especially given that the SEC recently declared that Ethereum—another popular cryptocurrency developed after XRP—is not a security.


According to White, “$15 billion in market cap was lost,” owing to the lawsuit, and she claimed this has primarily come at the expense of ordinary investors the SEC is charged with protecting.

While the outcome of the lawsuit is uncertain for now, White suggested a resolution could come as early as October in the form of a summary judgment from a federal court. She also hinted that the two sides could reach a settlement before then—one that could lift the legal cloud over Ripple, while also providing broader guidance to the cryptocurrency industry.

White notes that Jay Clayton’s successor, incoming SEC chair Gary Gensler, is an authority on cryptocurrency and is likely to take a personal interest in the case.

“You have scarce resources [as chair], and you have to pick your spots. The crypto-landscape is a critical one, and there’s a crying need for clarity,” she said.


Speechless Arbiter or D-Day for GBM


Hello everyone! The author of Bank of Memories is in touch, and I am pleased to share with you the new information about our service.

Some people love to celebrate their birthdays, to receive gifts, to wind and sum up, but someone just does not celebrate. For instance, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Everyone has his/her own rituals. Today we’ve launched Explorer for the GBM coin and I have wondered: when was it born? To get to know this, I rewound the story back. This is why everyone loves blockchain – everything can be verified, but nothing can be faked. As it turned out, the birth of GBM occurred on 2020-11-18, at 21:52, and it was the first transaction, too; and during the three-month test period, there had been 7283 transaction (as of 20:33 on 10/02/2021). Now, each of you can observe the growth of our project in real time: every transaction and event related to the creation and upload of content is recorded in it.

What is the point for Bank of Memories users?

  • First, it clearly shows that we are not a token, but a full-bodied coin built on the basis of one of the fastest and most reliable blockchains, namely the Lumen Stellar blockchain. We made the Fork for it – we took the best and added our own. Beware of pseudo-coins or pseudo-tokens that fail to demonstrate the benefits of GBM.
  • Second, now everyone wishing to invest in our start-up can easily see the speed of development and dynamics of user growth: the number of tokens the team has and their movement according to the roadmap. This transparency adds confidence to the words, statements and pitches the team delivers. If you decided to make money on data storage or you like to play on cryptocurrency exchanges, or, maybe, you just buy lucrative crypto assets, I am sure that you are able to assess how true the stated dynamics is.

The third and most important member of our community is a client, a person who is going to use our service for its intended purpose, i.e. to store and accumulate digital assets. Owing to such a tool as an explorer, you can see in real time, how your first crypto assets for registration are transferred to your balance at lightning speed (TPS speed is 1,000-10,000 or more transactions per second). The first 10,000 users will receive 5 GBM each. Now everyone can confidently store his/her data in our encrypted storage, since all we know about you is only the wallet number; moreover, this information can be found out only, when someone watches the explorer at the time of creating your account, or hacks your account. Although, it is incredibly difficult, and intruders will definitely need to physically torture you.

The next thing the explorer allows is to track the operation of the digital will, in case the disputes between the parties arise concerning the ownership of the data in Bank of Memories. The speechless arbiter is the GBM blockchain and its explorer. Oh, it will be a separate article on the digital will, but now I just want to say that we have taken the next step towards you, our users.

I’m very pleased to share our little pleasances and joys with you. One more step towards the dream!

IT wars or how Zuckerberg loves and respects Durov.



The most interesting thing is that such confrontations give rise to freedom for users. Pirates against the regular army of the loyal and subordinate.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates & Pavel Durov and Mark Zuckerberg

Pat 1 

WhatsApp has been and remains a traditional subject of Durov’s criticism. The entrepreneur has repeatedly spoken out against the competing messenger, criticizing the approach of its creators to ensuring the safety of users, as well as communication with advertisers and special services. However, this time he has a new claim, which is that Facebook (owns WhatsApp) allegedly started digging for Telegram. Durov wrote about this in his telegram channel, confining himself for some reason only to the English version.

Facebook has an entire department dedicated to identifying the reasons for Telegram’s popularity. Imagine dozens of people working on this alone full time. I’m happy to save Facebook tens of millions of dollars and reveal our secret for free: just respect your users. Millions of people are outraged by the latest change to WhatsApp’s user agreement, which now obliges users to transfer their personal data to Facebook. It is not surprising that the transition of users from WhatsApp to Telegram has acquired such proportions, – wrote Durov.

According to the entrepreneur, the management of WhatsApp, which was unable to compete with Telegram by honest methods, turned to subversive activities. Wikipedia editors recently discovered several paid bots that added biased information about WhatsApp to the encyclopedia, as well as spread it on social networks. Moreover, almost all the information they publish is based on three myths designed to discredit Telegram and its creators, provoking a backflow of users.

Pat 2

On the night of January 17-18, it became known that the American Coalition for a Safe Web, chaired by Mark Ginsberg, the former US ambassador to Morocco, filed a lawsuit against Apple. The subject of the lawsuit was the requirement to remove Telegram from the App Store due to the lack of moderation and the use of the messenger by extremists and opponents of the political regime in the United States. Cupertino did not comment in any way on the possibility of removing Telegram and stopping its work on iOS. However, Pavel Durov immediately made it clear that his messenger is literally unsinkable.

According to Mark Ginsberg, President of the Coalition for a Safe Web, Telegram is a platform for communication between extremists and criminals of all stripes. Therefore, Apple is obliged to remove the messenger from the App Store, and he, as the owner of the iPhone, has the right to demand removal based on the company’s current security policy. However, that’s not all, Ginsberg said. Right now, the coalition is preparing a similar lawsuit against Google, the goal of which is to remove Telegram from Google Play, from where it is also successfully downloaded.

Industry experts believe Apple is simply being pressured, although of course Telegram can indeed be used to coordinate various actions. Still, it offers users private and secure chats that cannot be read by strangers.

According to the mission of safety and goodness, witches were burned. They strengthened control, said that everything is for the good.
Freedom in spite of everything !!!

ATTENTION ! The process of accrual of GBM coins to BMC token holders has begun on 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021.


ATTENTION ! The process of accrual of GBM coins to BMC token holders has begun on 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021. Anyone who has been audited, please contact @BankofmemoriesSupport for instructions.
IMPORTANT. After 02/01/2021, the project enters the preparation stage for listing and all information about GBM holders will be publicly available through the project explorer. The same information with a full package of documents will be provided to the security services of the exchanges for verification and confirmation. All BMC tokens will be moved to the starting address and recognized as invalid, any manipulations with the BMC token from 01.09.2018. Considered illegal and not in line with the Bank of Memories implementation policy.
We have come a long way, and over the past 3 years we have been working non-stop to develop and launch the Bank of Memories ecosystem, we are very grateful to all members of our community. To reward patience and faith in the project, the Bank of Memories Team has allocated 100,000 GBM for all members of the community, which will be offered at $ 0.35 only holders and testers can participate in the distribution. The distribution will last from 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021 details and applications @BankofmemoriesSupport Everyone else can take part by submitting an application through the official website for a private sale 1,000,000 GBM is allocated at $ 0.45.


Attention exchange BMC for GBM from 01/01/2021 to 01/02/2021


Dear friends, from 01/01/2021 to 01/02/2021 GBM will be credited to all those who have passed the audit. Then the transfer will be recorded. To carry out this operation, you need to contact @BankofmemoriesSupport Specifying the email by which the audit was carried out and the number of tokens. If you want to have time to exchange the token before entering the exchange, hurry up. Happy New Year !

Accrual of GBM to everyone who passed the audit and confirmed the status of the token.


Good afternoon dear friends. A request from all money investors who have an iPhone and you have the opportunity to install a wallet for yourself right now, contact the Telegram @BankofmemoriesSupport team of auditors, we will start crediting GBM to your main wallets. We warn you that it is impossible to recover the password from the Account until the digital will is activated. In this regard, we ask you to carefully consider this fact.

The educational series on cryptocurrencies


On November 26, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launches an educational series on cryptocurrencies.
According to a Ukrinform correspondent, this was stated by Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Valeria Ionan at the Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine.

“Tomorrow, an educational series on cryptocurrencies will be launched, which in simple language explains what it is, who needs it, and how to work with it,” said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Finance.

According to her, the series will be launched as part of the project “Action. Digital Education”, which currently includes about 40 educational films.

Jonan reminded that the goal of the project is to teach digital literacy to 6 million Ukrainians in three years.

“As of the end of December last year, a survey showed that 53% of Ukrainians have digital literacy below the base level. To fix this, we created this project,” said the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation.

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that we will soon publish a brand new APP with such functions:


Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that we will soon publish a brand new APP with such functions:
Smart Storage
Messages to the Future
Alpha version of the Family Tree
Digital Monument (Digital Tags) in AR.

We will move all data from older websites to a new one and an e-mail will be changed too.

New website:
Old websites:,,

Don’t miss your chance to join us now and get your bonuses.
Applications for participation are accepted on the website until 10/31/2020

The 8th International BlockchainUA


Conference will be held in Kiev on September 18, 2020. Bank of Memories is a media partner of the conference.

Every year the BlockchainUA brings together more than 1000 blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, block enthusiasts, IT experts and media representatives from around the world to discuss solutions to current challenges in the field of blockchains and decentralized technologies.

Personally we can say that at the conferences organized by BlockchainUA we managed to meet and get consultations from the leading specialists in the field of Blockchain technologies, such as

Gordon Einstein, Counsel, Distributed Lab
Pavel Kravchenko, Co-founder of Distributed Lab
Mikhailo Chobanyan, Founder of Kuna
Roman Oleynikov, Input Output HK, Director, Veritas Project

Information and advice of these specialists helped us to build the legal architecture of the project, to determine the role of the blockchain in the project, the right time of listing on the stock exchange and the nuances of this process.


We invite all interested people to join the event and get a quality network.

Link to the event

#BlockchainUA #GBM #Украина #ЛюблюУкраїну Pavel Kravchenko #DistributedLab 

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