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ATTENTION ! The process of accrual of GBM coins to BMC token holders has begun on 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021.


ATTENTION ! The process of accrual of GBM coins to BMC token holders has begun on 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021. Anyone who has been audited, please contact @BankofmemoriesSupport for instructions.
IMPORTANT. After 02/01/2021, the project enters the preparation stage for listing and all information about GBM holders will be publicly available through the project explorer. The same information with a full package of documents will be provided to the security services of the exchanges for verification and confirmation. All BMC tokens will be moved to the starting address and recognized as invalid, any manipulations with the BMC token from 01.09.2018. Considered illegal and not in line with the Bank of Memories implementation policy.
We have come a long way, and over the past 3 years we have been working non-stop to develop and launch the Bank of Memories ecosystem, we are very grateful to all members of our community. To reward patience and faith in the project, the Bank of Memories Team has allocated 100,000 GBM for all members of the community, which will be offered at $ 0.35 only holders and testers can participate in the distribution. The distribution will last from 01/01/2021 to 02/01/2021 details and applications @BankofmemoriesSupport Everyone else can take part by submitting an application through the official website for a private sale 1,000,000 GBM is allocated at $ 0.45.


Attention exchange BMC for GBM from 01/01/2021 to 01/02/2021


Dear friends, from 01/01/2021 to 01/02/2021 GBM will be credited to all those who have passed the audit. Then the transfer will be recorded. To carry out this operation, you need to contact @BankofmemoriesSupport Specifying the email by which the audit was carried out and the number of tokens. If you want to have time to exchange the token before entering the exchange, hurry up. Happy New Year !

Accrual of GBM to everyone who passed the audit and confirmed the status of the token.


Good afternoon dear friends. A request from all money investors who have an iPhone and you have the opportunity to install a wallet for yourself right now, contact the Telegram @BankofmemoriesSupport team of auditors, we will start crediting GBM to your main wallets. We warn you that it is impossible to recover the password from the Account until the digital will is activated. In this regard, we ask you to carefully consider this fact.

The educational series on cryptocurrencies


On November 26, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launches an educational series on cryptocurrencies.
According to a Ukrinform correspondent, this was stated by Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Valeria Ionan at the Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine.

“Tomorrow, an educational series on cryptocurrencies will be launched, which in simple language explains what it is, who needs it, and how to work with it,” said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Finance.

According to her, the series will be launched as part of the project “Action. Digital Education”, which currently includes about 40 educational films.

Jonan reminded that the goal of the project is to teach digital literacy to 6 million Ukrainians in three years.

“As of the end of December last year, a survey showed that 53% of Ukrainians have digital literacy below the base level. To fix this, we created this project,” said the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation.

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that we will soon publish a brand new APP with such functions:


Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that we will soon publish a brand new APP with such functions:
Smart Storage
Messages to the Future
Alpha version of the Family Tree
Digital Monument (Digital Tags) in AR.

We will move all data from older websites to a new one and an e-mail will be changed too.

New website:
Old websites:,,

Don’t miss your chance to join us now and get your bonuses.
Applications for participation are accepted on the website until 10/31/2020

The 8th International BlockchainUA


Conference will be held in Kiev on September 18, 2020. Bank of Memories is a media partner of the conference.

Every year the BlockchainUA brings together more than 1000 blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, block enthusiasts, IT experts and media representatives from around the world to discuss solutions to current challenges in the field of blockchains and decentralized technologies.

Personally we can say that at the conferences organized by BlockchainUA we managed to meet and get consultations from the leading specialists in the field of Blockchain technologies, such as

Gordon Einstein, Counsel, Distributed Lab
Pavel Kravchenko, Co-founder of Distributed Lab
Mikhailo Chobanyan, Founder of Kuna
Roman Oleynikov, Input Output HK, Director, Veritas Project

Information and advice of these specialists helped us to build the legal architecture of the project, to determine the role of the blockchain in the project, the right time of listing on the stock exchange and the nuances of this process.


We invite all interested people to join the event and get a quality network.

Link to the event

#BlockchainUA #GBM #Украина #ЛюблюУкраїну Pavel Kravchenko #DistributedLab 

Why is it profitable to be a tester of new blockchain-related services?


How to open your own digital bank with Bank of Memories

The first ones receive the most pleasant bonuses, and it is true, so in everything!

As you may know, many new IT services reach customers. However, before the project goes live, it must pass a user experience test, bugs fixing etc. (a bug is a jargon in programming, usually denoting a program error).

This short article was born after the interview I gave to one online media. The interviewer asked me how our testers can become our partners and I will tell you how.  

We offer our early adopters to become testers and earn bonus tokens. In the future, every early adopter could easily have their own Bank of Memories and store data in the decentralized storage.

Everyone will be able to grow to the level of a private bank and the volume of this bank and the amount of earnings will be limited only by the imagination of a partner.

Here is the way how to improve a financial situation in three years.

  1. 3 days to study the project
  2. 2 months to participate in the test, find bugs. It is like a franchise where you invest only 200 GBM tokens in mining and create you own private data storage bank. After this tiny investment you will start work. As any bank, the owner has expenses for electricity and the Internet costs, and earnings for the data stored.
  3. During 3 months test of a decentralized storage system our partners can earn 300 GBM.
  4. Net profit from the placement of 8 TB (terabyte) storage will amount to 4214 GBM per year.

I don’t want to predict the price of GBM itself. I can say only this: 50% of all tokens will be distributed to users in amounts not exceeding 0.1 to 5 GBM to create a stable number of users in the first 3 years. This will be approximately 14 million users.

The client receives compensation for every action as in the game where you are the main character, the game is lifelong. The more you play and actively participate, the greater the bonuses will be.

The question immediately arises, where will the service take such a number of users?

Why is a startup confident in the growth of coin liquidity?

What other functions does GBM perform in the service infrastructure?

The scarcity and price of a coin proportionally depends on the popularity and relevance of the coin, as well as the functionality of the coin.

GBM coin is a means of payment in the storage system, it regulates the sending of messages to the future. It is also responsible for increasing storage, and also saves on storage and acts as a reward for actions.

 By using GBM, the Bank of Memories project will ensure data integrity. Payment is frozen on a smart contract and allows you to ensure stable payment for storage services. The more data we store the less free coins will be in circulation.Keepers receive coins when they fulfil necessary conditions of the Bank of Memories. 

Today you are saving data for 1 year, tomorrow you would like to save data 10 – 20 – 30 years ahead. 

All participants in the process benefit from this interaction algorithm.

The client receives a protected, private and constantly updated service with a set of unique functions. Functions of our service are described here.

Keepers (private data banks) receive a constant influx of data, payment for the service provided, and a steadily growing shortage of GBM coins.

Developers get the opportunity to create their products based on GBM using all the developments of the project, incentives in the form of grants, and the ability to generate their tokens based on the system for free.

Thanks to this, the Bank of Memories is growing and developing, increasing its presence in the market for storing and transferring private data.

It is important to note that the Bank of Memories itself will be a keeper too, along with everyone else, will earn GBM coins.  This guarantees security to customers, and to the participants an increase in the popularity. 

Monetize the opportunity – well-being is desire multiplied by diligence!

It is very easy to become a tester – just join our international community here  

Gartner: Blockchain Perspectives in 2020


Blockchain technology has ushered in an era of decentralization, when customers own their data and decide how to use it. In this regard, IT leaders need to rethink their strategies, writes Aviva Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner on InformationWeek.

Blockchain is an alternative method for tracking and managing customer data. IT leaders need to know where decentralized technology is heading or they risk losing the competitive race. Just look at the latest news to see how the value of customer data has grown. Data abuse and privacy breaches are consistently referenced in many reports from tech companies, and the latter now includes new terms such as the “surveillance economy,” where customers sacrifice data privacy in exchange for “free” services. … To combat this phenomenon, a number of legislation has been enacted, such as the California User Data Protection Act, which gives consumers the right to request information from suppliers about what data is collected about them and to attempt to prohibit its sale. Technological solutions such as blockchain, which have achieved some success in recent years, including in the field of data transparency, are less often discussed in specialized circles, but interest in them is constantly riveted.

As defined by Gartner, “a blockchain is a regularly updated list of irrevocable cryptographically signed transaction records that all network participants have access to.” Since these timestamped records are decentralized and immediately duplicated by all parties involved, it is exponentially harder to hack the blockchain. It is also more transparent: anyone with access rights can learn about a transactional event at any time in its history. For enterprises, centralizing customer data is a security threat and a single point of failure. It also imposes constraints on the introduction of new business models and customer development dynamics. At the same time, blockchain provides immutability and traceability of records without the need for centralized management. This can help you implement alternative methods for tracking and managing specific customer data.

This is especially important when the costs of adding data sources and the associated increased liabilities outweigh the benefits. With the explosive growth in the use of customer data in emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, transparency is becoming extremely important for customers. If the blockchain itself has reached a certain maturity threshold, then the UX / UI technologies that support it are in their infancy. Soon they will start a war, much like the war of standards that led to today’s Internet standards. According to Gartner, by 2024, 30% of sensitive personal data of customers will be protected by licenses based on blockchain technology. Blockchain-based UX / UI principles will benefit both customers and businesses.

The market needs atomic compatibility
Many organizations have come to the conclusion that blockchain can revolutionize economic and social interactions and ultimately become the backbone of a digital society. However, a number of fundamental problems need to be addressed first. The point is that before they can apply blockchain, they need to choose the right platform, the right smart contract language, the right system interfaces, and not worry about algorithm compatibility. In other words, the times when the blockchain can operate smoothly at the “atomic” level has not yet arrived.

Furthermore, it lacks cross-functionality (interaction between two relatively independent blockchains) where a smart contract can update multiple blockchain platforms with a single process. All this innovation and standardization will take at least three years.

There are some precautions to be taken when working with blockchain. Before giving preference to one or another type of smart contracts, you should think about security and risk management, since damage caused by accident (due to errors in the code) or deliberately (intruders) cannot be “canceled”, transactions on the blockchain, as already mentioned, are unchanged.

The need to attract competitors
As of the beginning of the year, most blockchain platforms only include three full cycle elements: distribution, encryption, and immutability. Often these proposals are aimed at improving efficiency by optimizing existing processes. According to Gartner, most blockchain platform owners do not want to partner with competitors, but maintain close ties with select vendors and partners.

Gartner has identified over 60 public blockchain initiatives. Their authors are blockchain consortia from all over the world, open for collaboration. These include banks, medical organizations, energy, transport, logistics, insurance and utilities companies, as well as educational institutions. According to analysts, in 2023

89% of cryptocurrency investors can stop worrying and use Bank of Memories


Recently Turner Wright presented a profound and very important analytics. ( It was posted on Cointelegraph and is based on The Cremation Institute research ( 


The key point of this research was to find out the behavioral patterns of cryptocurrency investors. What will happen in the future if they lose passwords from crypto wallets or they pass away? Who will inherit that money?


The online survey was conducted between October 20, 2019 – June 3, 2020. In total, there were 1,150 participants between the ages 19-73. 


Research reveals that 89% of cryptocurrency investors worry about what will happen to their assets after they die. Yet, despite this concern and real threat of losing their hard-earned crypto assets, only 23% of investors have a documented plan.


So people understand that their property, assets or other digital data can be lost or stolen, but still don’t pay enough attention to this problem.


Maybe they even don’t have to… Bank of Memories, startup in crypto and data storage area, is ready to provide them with the solution (or give them the solution). We are talking about blockchain based technology which combines reliable storage of any type of personal digital information and possibility to create personal digital testament so that relatives can inherit digital assets. 


Blockchain and decentralization were chosen as core technologies Bank of Memories uses. It is the only system that is protected from data falsification, hacker attacks and viruses. 


You can always find out who made the record, for whom, when and under what conditions the right to own a digital asset was awarded. For us, this is just an encrypted file. In the future this encrypted will will reduce in the cost of arbitration and will add clarification of relations between relatives.


We provide a convenient and reliable tool for digital assets transfer. Transparent, protected from fraudulent schemes, fakes. If a person does not agree, you can always see when the record was made, for whom.


Loss of data in the system is impossible, for several reasons.


  1. Connections in a family tree. Family is responsible for the accounts themselves and confirms only those people who are relatives. From a psychological point of view, relatives and friends are ready to pay for the data for the relatives who passed away.


  1. Digital testament (paid function of transferring rights to data).


  1. When clients create an account, they connect relatives and friends, and can also communicate with friends. As soon as this happens, an emergency key is created ( in blockchain), which will become the key to digital assets in the future.


The Launch of the Bank of Memories application is expected in September, 2020.

It is important for me to be remembered or why I have not sold my dream for $1 000 000.


I knew that this day would come and I would write about Bank of Memories and focus on the culture and philosophy of personal data storage, which we carry with our values.

Digital society is forming now and it’s a right time to give a new digital product to the world.

8 years ago, my mom got Parkinson’s disease. It was a tragedy for the whole family. Realizing that she would not live a long life, I set a goal to collect all the information about her, so that I could pass it to the future. I wanted her to tell about herself to her grandchildren at least in a digital space. However, it turned quite difficult to gather all information about her. Photos in one place, files in another, videos in the third, and relatives had some archives as well.

I began to study the services of unified data storage available on the market and it turned out that they were unsafe, expensive and unreliable. Judging by the reviews, another 35 million people faced the same problem.

In total, about 250 million people are trying to save. Many existing services are limited; you cannot synchronize or administrate data easily. If the access to the system is lost it is sometimes impossible to recover.

How to save yourself so that it is interesting to review your archive later? It is important for me to remember about my mother, I would like the message she sent to the future to change the lives of my children for the better. I do not want her whole life experience to be reset to zero in one day. We, like flash drives, accumulate information during our life and then we are reset to zero when we pass away.

I have a question to you: Would you be interested to know about your great-grandfather? Not just look through the pictures or see the video, but to see and hear something what is to be said privately by a fireplace. Information told by a person with your genetic code, by someone, who looked alike and lived in the past.

I guess you would remember his story and wisdom the whole life.


These challenges with data storage and sending it to the future made me reevaluate my whole life. I shut down my construction business and went into the unknown world of IT startups.

I came to build a reliable, simple and interesting service for self-storage. As I realized later, I did it backwards. Nevertheless, I understand this only now, when part of my path is behind and there is an opportunity, having climbed the hill from trial and error, to evaluate the path I traveled.

  • “Is it scary to shut down a working business and go into the unknown at 33?”
  • “No, it’s not scary, because going after a dream should not be scary,”


It was not enough for me to just earn money. I wanted to create something useful for this world, something that would benefit everyone, and not just me.

Why am I writing all this? For you, my dear and beloved future customers. All those who need to save themselves; all those who understand what a unique opportunity we have now, creating our personal data saved securely.

I want to take you by hand along the path I walked and show how we create the Bank of Memories. I want to give you something completely new, beautiful and interesting, something that will give you hope that you will be heard in 100 years by new generations. The way that can make you the first immortal inhabitant of the digital universe.

The first always get the best.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and register to try the product soon.

Follow this link and use the service free. We will give you 5 GBM tokens as a gift (only first 10 000 users will have it and we have 8 350 accounts left offering this perk now)

We will activate all functions free once we launch the service.

I’ll write every week about how I pitched the project to German Gref, how the crypto billionaire deceived me, how somebody sent me $ 2,000 when I got stuck in Kazakhstan with the note “when you get rich, please return”, how I became a vegetarian, how the investor deceived me in China and then the photographer saved me.

How I lost a friend with whom I did this project, but I didn’t give up.

I managed to go forward and believed that one day everyone can save themselves and their grandchildren will see it.  

I will also write how to refused $ 1 000 000 twice, realizing that the money offered for my idea will simply destroy the energy of the project.

There will be stories on how I found a team. How to find love and not lose faith. About the architecture and the algorithm that will give security. I will share documents, algorithms and … fuckups, of course.

PS: Like any small child, we need your support, dear readers. If you are an investor, please reach me out directly at

With love and sincere gratitude for your time,

Andrew Melanchik


Bank of Memories

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