Today a meeting of representatives of the Digital Chornobyl Coordination Council was held

Skopich Yakiv  Chairman of the Association of Chornobyl Rescue

Melanchyk Andrey  author of the project Bank of Memories

Bondar Valery  commander of the 473 regiment at the time of the accident.

Khilchuk Anatoliy  — ChNPP employee master of management at the time of the accident.

And representatives of the Chornobyl NPP

Alexander Novikov Chornobyl Deputy Technical Director for Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Sergei Goncharov  Head of IT Department ChNPP

Vitaliy Medved — Head of the International Cooperation and Information Department of the Sovereign Specialized Industrial Enterprise of Chornobyl NPP

We received good support from the station staff on technical issues. They already outlined the demonstration models of the first digital images and oppressed that the project, the digital Chornobyl is a very necessary project. After all, while the participants in those events are still alive, we must save and pass on to the descendants the truth about those difficult events. Which became an example of a feat of people in the fight against an invisible enemy radiation.