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PaaS platform allows to develop services
for storing and transferring large amounts of data.

This is a decentralized data storage, oriented to work with DApp with an open API and the possibility of creating your own token, which does not require a commission. An ecosystem that allows you to store and encrypt information using Blockchain technologies, and whose members are: keepers, users and developers of DApp.

The system allows you to pay remuneration to network members. GBM is one of the equal participants in the network and is directly interested in increasing the amount of stored data and the development of the ecosystem, as well as the creation of new DApps.

- By keeping one of the replicas, GBM guarantees the safety of the data of all network clients;

- Open API for DApp developers with the ability to create an individual token;

- System security is ensured by the creation of 3 copies;

- Anyone can become a keeper of information and make money on it.

Problems & Solutions

More than 40M TB of data are lost every day due to loss of access rights
and the impossibility of their recovery due to the absence of the owner.
We have a solution that will get rid of such risks forever.


Today there are many options for storing your data both in the form of drives and cloud storages, the only problem is how to transfer access rights in cases when the authorization method is available only to the owner - in fact, after death all this data dies with the owner.

This is a very serious problem that not only photos,videos,documents,but also, payment data and other valuable assets get lost.



The Bank of Memories mobile app allows you to not only send messages to the future, but also to give children, grandchildren and their descendants access to data in advance.

Each of us would like to know more about our ancestors. Now you yourself can begin a history of a kind and transfer all your experience accumulated assets and capital.

Feature Dropbox Amazon S3 Google Drive FortKnoxter GBM
Storage decentralization
Creation of several file copies in independent storages
Decentralized process of file copies checking and restoration
Storage protection from cluttering with useless data
Interface for third-party app developers
Material rewards for third-party app developers
Data encryption with a private key that only data owner has
Complete anonymity
Storage safety and files restoration independent from file owners
Files’ hash-codes storage in blockchain for data authenticity verification
Unique functionality like message to the future and digital will or smart storage assistant

«Bank of Memories»

Past. Present. Future. What does unite them ? Memories!

Android & ios app

The easiest and most loyal service in the world, even a child will understand. Where are the children most looking now? The most valuable thing a person possesses is experience and memories. Now you can easily save and transfer your emotions, memories, life experience, medical and financial information to the future and not worry about losing it.

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Our coin

Coin Image

GBM Coin

GBM coin main settlement tool in the Decentralized storage system Global Bank of Memories and the settlement coin DApp Bank of Memories purpose and functions:

- Guarantees the receipt and connection of services to services in DApp Bank of Memories

- Remuneration for services provided to custodians in the Decentralized storage system Global Bank of Memories

- Allows new members to become keepers and increase storage

- Allows new DApps based on DSS GBM to store information, use the existing GBM database in advertising their DApp among DSS participants


It doesn’t matter how brilliant your mind or strategy is -
if you play alone, you will always lose to those who play in a team. Reed Hoffman.

Andrey Melanchik
Andrey Melanchik
Founder and CEO
Iryna Savytska
Iryna Savytska
Founder and COO
Andrii Bulavinov
Founder and CTO
Henry Lipatov
Dolapo Adigun
Community Lead
Dmytro Kuznets
Product Head


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